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Dr. Giacomo Moretti

Dr. Giacomo Moretti

Marie-Curie Stipendiat

+49 (0)681-302-71358


Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa, Italy
Honor Diploma
Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa, Italy
Master of Science
University of Pisa, Italy
Bachelor of Science
University of Pisa, Italy


Dielectric Elastomer Generators for Wave Energy Conversion: a Model-Based Design Approach

Beruflicher Werdegang


Recipient of a European Marie Skłodowska-Curie individual fellowship - project DEtune (Cordis: 893674; Twitter account: @MSCA_DEtune)

The project explores acoustic and high-frequency applications of dielectric elastomers, with the goal of developing adaptable loudspeakers, which can be integrated onto complex surfaces and textiles.


- multi-physics modelling

- electro-mechanical, vibration, and acoustic testing

- acoustic systems design


A selection of ten publications is presented in the following. A complete list of publications can be found on Google Scholar.

  • Sîrbu I. D., Moretti G., Bortolotti G., Bolignari M., Diré S., Fambri L., Vertechy R., Fontana M. (2021). Electrostatic bellow muscle actuators and energy harvesters that stack up. To appear on Science Robotics.

  • Moretti G., Zaccarian L., Blanchini F. (2021) Quadratic constrained periodic optimisation for bandlimited linear systems via the Fourier-based method. ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control. DS-19-1556.

  • Moretti G., Rosset S., Vertechy R., Anderson I., Fontana M. (2020), A Review of Dielectric Elastomer Generator Systems. Advanced Intelligent Systems, 2(10).

  • Moretti G., Santos-Herran M., Forehand D., Alves M., Jeffrey H., Vertechy R., Fontana M. (2020). Advances in the development of dielectric elastomer generators for wave energy conversion. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 117, 109430.

  • Moretti G.,  Malara G., Scialò A., Daniele L., Fiamma V., Romolo A., Vertechy, R., Fontana, M., Arena, F. (2020). Modelling and field testing of a U-OWC wave energy converter with dielectric elastomer generator. Renewable Energy, 146, 628-642.

  • Chen Y., Agostini L., Moretti G., Fontana M., Vertechy R. (2019). Dielectric Elastomer Materials for Actuation and Energy Harvesting: a Comparison Between Styrenic Rubber, Natural Rubber and Acrylic Elastomer. Smart Materials and Structures, 28(11).

  • Moretti G., Rosati Papini G. P., Daniele L., Forehand, D., Ingram D., Vertechy R., Fontana M. (2019). Modelling and Testing of a Wave Energy Converter based on Dielectric Elastomer Generators. Proceedings of the Royal Society A, 475(2222).

  • Moretti G.,  Rosati Papini G.P., Righi M. , Forehand D. , Ingram D., Vertechy R. , Fontana M. (2018). Resonant wave energy harvester based on dielectric elastomer generator, Smart Materials and Structures, 27(3), 035015.

  • Moretti G., Righi M., Vertechy R., Fontana M. (2017) Fabrication and test of an inflated circular diaphragm dielectric elastomer generator based on PDMS rubber composite, Polymers, 9(7), 283.

  • Cherubini A., Moretti G., Vertechy R., Fontana M., (2015). Experimental Characterization of Thermally-Activated Artificial Muscles based on Coiled Nylon Fishing Lines, AIP Advances, 5(6), 067158.

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